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Ava Barnhill, daughter of Heather and Steve Barnhill, presented a MITA Welcome Bag to Bass Pro Major League Fishing Tournament Stage 1 winner Bradley Roy. Ava had fun presenting welcome bags to anglers at the tournament held near Bastrop at Bussey Brake. Bags were filled with vienna sausage, pork skins from Slayden's, crackers and cheese, Texas trash from ETC., peanut butter cups from Arnett's, a Simmons’ cap, a fishing towel decorated with plastic worms, hand warmers, and napkins with Bussey Brake 2022 printed on them. The bag was topped with Spanish moss instead of tissue paper to give it a touch of bayou country. MITA also included a card stating "thank you for fishing at Bussey Brake" and signed MITA of Morehouse Parish.


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